Masks Puppets and Clown by Augusto Cabrera.


Pulcinella, leather mask with wood form

Neutral mask, leather


Pantalone, leather rmask


Capitano Spaventa, leather mask


Tartaglia, leather mask

Arlequin, leather mask

Eagle, leather mask

Darla Mama Kotorin, Papier Maché


Papier maché


Larval masks, papier maché


Characters masks, cloth and glue


papier maché and wool

Midsummer nights dream

Masks from "Melkiades"

some puppets

August, marionett.


Puppets for "Antony and the Devil" by Commedia Gillet

Antonius, latex muppet.


Mateus, latex muppet.


The devil


The angel


Puppets from "Virvla" by Commedia Gillet




The old Lady


Puppets from "The Horrible Dragon" by Commedia Gillet

The Plumpertopic Dramatic Company